HAL crates

HAL crates for many microcontrollers provide wrappers around various peripherals. These generally implement traits from embedded-hal.


extern crate panic_halt as _;

use cortex_m_rt::entry;
use embedded_hal::digital::OutputPin;
use nrf52833_hal::gpio::{p0, Level};
use nrf52833_hal::pac::Peripherals;

fn main() -> ! {
    let p = Peripherals::take().unwrap();

    // Create HAL wrapper for GPIO port 0.
    let gpio0 = p0::Parts::new(p.P0);

    // Configure GPIO 0 pins 21 and 28 as push-pull outputs.
    let mut col1 = gpio0.p0_28.into_push_pull_output(Level::High);
    let mut row1 = gpio0.p0_21.into_push_pull_output(Level::Low);

    // Set pin 28 low and pin 21 high to turn the LED on.

    loop {}
  • set_low and set_high are methods on the embedded_hal OutputPin trait.
  • HAL crates exist for many Cortex-M and RISC-V devices, including various STM32, GD32, nRF, NXP, MSP430, AVR and PIC microcontrollers.

Run the example with:

cargo embed --bin hal