Welcome to Comprehensive Rust 🦀

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This is a free Rust course developed by the Android team at Google. The course covers the full spectrum of Rust, from basic syntax to advanced topics like generics and error handling.

The latest version of the course can be found at https://google.github.io/comprehensive-rust/. If you are reading somewhere else, please check there for updates.


  • Rustの基本構文と言語についての理解を深める。
  • 既存のプログラムを修正したり、新規プログラムをRustで書けるようにする。
  • 一般的なRustのイディオムを紹介する。

We call the first four course days Rust Fundamentals.

Building on this, you’re invited to dive into one or more specialized topics:

  • Android: a half-day course on using Rust for Android platform development (AOSP). This includes interoperability with C, C++, and Java.
  • Chromium: a half-day course on using Rust within Chromium based browsers. This includes interoperability with C++ and how to include third-party crates in Chromium.
  • Bare-metal: a whole-day class on using Rust for bare-metal (embedded) development. Both microcontrollers and application processors are covered.
  • Concurrency: a whole-day class on concurrency in Rust. We cover both classical concurrency (preemptively scheduling using threads and mutexes) and async/await concurrency (cooperative multitasking using futures).




The course assumes that you already know how to program. Rust is a statically-typed language and we will sometimes make comparisons with C and C++ to better explain or contrast the Rust approach.

If you know how to program in a dynamically-typed language such as Python or JavaScript, then you will be able to follow along just fine too.