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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NUtilFrequently used static utility functions
 CAcceleratorA sensor region which accelerates any body that comes in contact with it
 CAcceleratorLogicAccelerates Bodys that are in contact with the AcceleratorLogic's actor in the direction that they are moving
 CAchievementRepresentation of a Google Play Games Services achievement
 CActorRepresentation of an entity within the Game scene
 CActorEmitterLogicSpawns Actors of QML type actorModel into the Game's QML tree through Level::addActor()
 CAndroidActivityJNI interface for the main Android activity
 CAnimatedImageRendererGraphic based on ImageRenderer which displays a frame animation from a texture sheet
 CAsteroidA large kinematic actor that rotates and is magnetic
 CAsteroidSmallA small kinematic actor that rotates and is magnetic
 CAsteroidTinyA tiny kinematic actor that rotates and is magnetic
 CAttributeThe definition of a vertex attribute, such as a position vector, or a texture coordinate
 CAttributeArrayA helper class to access and iterate over an interleaved vertex attribute array
 CAttributeSetA list of vertex attributes
 CBackgroundFullscreen graphic in the menu that is behind all other layers
 CBodyA QObject container for a Box2D b2Body
 CBumperA polygon actor that kicks back any body that comes in contact with it
 CCameraQQuickItem which represents the Camera into the game world
 CCameraMovementLogicLogic to make the camera follow the bounding box of all Actor::PlayerActors
 CCinematicVideo that is skipped by valid player input
 CCircleBodyA QObject container for a Box2D b2Body that represents a circle
 CConfirmDialogSimple dialog for confirming or canceling an action
 CContactEventRaised when two Bodys begin or end contact with each other
 CContactListenerHandler for notifications of ContactEvents from the b2World
 CContactTriggerListens to ContactEvents between the parent Actor's Body and another body of the specified ActorType
 CControllerEventA platform independent event generated by controller device
 CControllerFactoryBase interface for constructing virtual controllers from a deviceId
 CControllerManagerMaintains global list of connected controllers and notifies registered listeners of changes in these statuses
 CDebugHudItem that renders on top of all others and presents information for debugging
 CDebugManagerClass to manage debug options defined in debug.json data file
 CDebugMetricsMonitorTracks and provides mechanisms for reporting various debug metrics
 CDebugRendererA class with helper methods for rendering primitives like lines, for debug visualization
 CDestructionListenerHandler for object destruction notifications in b2World
 CDirectTextureA texture which points to a user managed GL texture object
 CEmitterLogicAbstract base class to spawn generic entities into the Game based on configurable parameters
 CEngineThe singleton object responsible for game execution
 CEnvironmentGrouping of related LevelInfos together into an logical, ordered list
 CGameThe top-level Game object for VoltAir
 CGameInputLogicLogic that synchronously polls global controller state and changes the parent Actor's inputForce and magnetized dynamic properties accordingly
 CGamepadRouterRoutes gamepad-related ControllerEvents according to inherent GamepadControllerFactory specifications
 CGraphicBase class for visual elements which are part of the game scene, and are rendered through Renderer
 CGrayscaleShaderEffectA shader effect that renders an item in grayscale
 CImageRendererGraphic which displays a texture as an image
 CInputAreaUi module for gaining basic input event (i.e. keyboard) support on non-Android devices
 CInputRouterRoutes ControllerEvents according to inherent ControllerFactory specifications
 CInputSchemeRepresents a scheme mapping generic input "events" to output "actions"
 CInstancedShaderShader which has instanced values for uniforms and other GL state
 CInstancedShaderBaseHelper class to implement InstancedShader subclasses, by managing a shared Shader
 CInterpolationLogicInterpolates target's targetProperty value between beginValue and endValue
 CJavaScriptLogicExtends Logic to include custom behavior defined via JavaScript code in Qml files
 CJointA constraint between two Bodys
 CJointsFactory class for creating Joints from QML
 CJoystickAxisSchemeRepresents a scheme mapping input joystick axes to output actions
 CKeyboardRouterRoutes Keyboard-related ControllerEvents according to inherent KeyboardControllerFactory specifications
 CKeyNavFocusAreaItem that handles focus navigation
 CKeySchemeRepresents a scheme mapping keyboard input to output actions
 CLevelRepresentation of an in-game level
 CLevelInfoMetadata for a Level
 CLevelProgressionGrouping of related Environments together into a logical, ordered list
 CLevelProgressionListCollection of LevelProgressions
 CLevelSelectionMenuMenu which allows the player to choose which level they want to enter
 CLiquidFunDebugDrawImplementation of b2Draw which renders objects (body fixtures, particles, etc.) using DebugRenderer
 CLoadingScreenScreen that displays a looping animation until the next level has loaded
 CLogicNon-visual entities in the QML item tree that define behavior for their parent Actor
 CMagneticAttractorLogicLogic which pulls its parent actor in the direction of magnetic Bodys and also attracting them towards our Body
 CMagneticHighlightA Graphic based on ImageRenderer that gradually becomes visible if something magnetic is nearby
 CMagneticHighlightLogicClass which mediates between magnetic attractors and magnet visual effects on target objects
 CmainRoot of the Engine's QML tree that instantiates the basic top-level items needed for a game: a Camera, a level Loader, and an InputArea for handling input events
 CMaskShaderEffectA shader effect that masks one texture with another
 CMenuButtonA selectable text button that fires an action when released
 CMenuCardA playing card shaped graphical button that fires an action when released
 CMenuIconSimple graphical button that fires an action when released
 CMeshMesh composed of vertices, and attributes for each vertex
 CMeshInstanceMesh bound to a specific Shader
 CMultiPlayerFillBarProgress bar that shows the proportion of Snowflakes attained out of the total needed
 CMultiPlayerHudOverlays the screen during multiplayer play and provides information on game progress
 CMultiPlayerScoringScreenDisplays the results of a multiplayer game
 CMultiTouchMenuIconIcon for use in handling multi-touch events
 CMultiTouchMenuIconManagerManager for the state of a set of MultiTouchMenuIcons
 COrbA sensor actor that awards a point when contacted
 COverlayGray translucent layer used to separate two overlapping scenes
 CParallaxTransformItemQQuickItem which applies a translation to children, giving the illusion of parallax scrolling
 CParticleWrapper around a LiquidFun particle
 CParticleEmitterEmits water particles
 CParticleEmitterLogicSpawns WaterParticles into the world (i.e. an unbounded WaterParticleSet)
 CParticleLayerWrapper around a b2ParticleSystem, which represents an independent layer of particles
 CParticleRendererItemGraphic which renders LiquidFun particles as blobs with a variety of effects
 CParticleShaderParamsStructure holding the state for shaders used in ParticleRenderItem
 CPauseMenuMenu displayed when the game is paused
 CPickupLogicDefines a behavior that, when added to an Actor, makes it "collectable"
 CPlayerManagerManages a mapping from unique player identifiers to different controllers that connect and disconnect throughout the game
 CPlayerProfileRepresents a player's profile or "save game" state
 CPolygonContainer Actor for a single PolygonBody
 CPolygonBodyA QObject container for a Box2D b2Body that represents a polygon
 CPolygonMeshClass storing a renderable mesh, instantiable from QML
 CPolygonVertexAttributeArrayClass storing the values in a vertex attribute array, instantiable from QML
 CPortalProgresses the game to the next level when this actor is contacted by a player
 CQmlConstantsThis class defines constants to be used in Qml
 CQmlUtilQML accessible versions of the Util functions
 CRenderableInterfaceCallback set in a RenderNode which can be used to issues draw calls
 CRendererClass managing GL state switches and draw calls
 CRenderListList of RenderNodes, sorted by z-depth for rendering
 CRenderNodeNode which queues a callback (RenderableInterface) or MeshInstance for rendering
 CRevoluteJointA constraint that fixes the distance between each Bodys anchor point
 CRobotPlayer controlled robot that rolls and magnetizes
 CRobotGraphicsA container class for the components used to render Robot
 CRollingMovementLogicLogic which exerts force in a specified direction, causing the actor to roll in that direction
 CSelfDetachingJNIEnvSmart wrapper around JNIEnv which retains information of how the environment was loaded
 CShaderShader program abstract base class
 CShaderBaseImplementation of Shader which compiles itself from shader code
 CSimpleFillBarProgress bar that shows the proportion of amountFilled out of the total capacity
 CSimpleFillBarSmallProgress bar that shows the proportion of amountFilled out of the total capacity
 CSimpleFrameA stylized window that typically holds other UI components
 CSimpleListMenuScrollable list that contains Items
 CSinglePlayerFillBarProgress bar that shows the proportion of Orbs attained out of the total possible
 CSinglePlayerHudOverlays the screen during single player play and provides additional information for the game
 CSinglePlayerScoringScreenScoring screen presented after completing a single player level that lets the player navigate to menus or continue playing
 CSingletonInstancedShaderBaseA helper to define singletons for InstancedShaders
 CSnowflakeA magnetic sensor actor that awards a point when contacted
 CSnowflakeEmitterEmits Snowflakes
 CSoundEffectInstanceAn instance of a sound effect
 CSoundManagerControls the sound effects and background music (BGM) audio tracks needed to be played during the game
 CSpriteShaderShader use by Renderer to draw textured rectangles (sprites)
 CStopwatchLogicDefines a stopwatch which triggers any callbacks connected to timeElapsed() after time game-time seconds have elapsed
 CTerrainMaterialDefDefinition of a terrain material
 CTerrainMaterialsClass managing a collection of TerrainMaterialDefs
 CTerrainMeshRendererGraphic which performs rendering of a terrain mesh
 CTerrainShaderInstancedShader which does a multi-texture blend between up to three Textures, to render terrain meshes
 CTerrainShaderKeySelector key which picks the specific terrain shader variant to use
 CTextureTexture abstract base class
 CTextureManagerClass which loads and caches Textures
 CThoughtBubbleA thought bubble that follows the actor around and displays hints to the player
 CToastSimple popup that fades in and out after a set duration
 CTouchNavigationRouterRoutes gamepad-related ControllerEvents according to inherent TouchNativationControllerFactory specifications
 CTouchScreenButtonControllerUi element item that defines the basis for a visual and touch based VirtualController
 CTriggerListens for one or more events (TriggerEvent) and calls an event handler (handleEvent()) in response to received events
 CTriggerAreaA sensor area that triggers an action
 CTriggerAxisSchemeRepresents a scheme mapping input trigger axes to output actions
 CTriggerEventAbstract base class for events which can be handled by Triggers
 CUiThe top-level UI object
 CUiComponentBase class for UI sub-components that provides an API for showing, hiding, and focus changes
 CUiInternalInternal backing C++ class for the Ui QML item
 CVariantConverterHelper template class to convert QVariants to and from a specific type, for example, QPointFs
 CVariantConverter< int >Helper template class to convert QVariants to and from ints
 CVariantConverter< QJsonObject >Helper template class to convert QVariants to and from QJsonObjects
 CVariantConverter< QMap< QString, T > >Helper template class to convert QVariantMaps to and from QMaps with a convertable value type T
 CVariantConverter< QPointF >Helper template class to convert QVariants to and from QPointFs
 CVariantConverter< QSet< T > >Helper template class to convert QVariantLists to and from QSets with a convertable value type T
 CVariantConverter< QString >Helper template class to convert QVariants to and from QStrings
 CVariantConverterBaseBase template class for VariantConverter
 CVirtualControllerSoftware represention and state capable of describing almost all physical controllers
 CVoltAirControllerUi element item that defines a multi-touch based VirtualController for use in VoltAir
 CVoltAirLevelProgressionListMap of all levels in their environments
 CVoltAirTextContainer for text with default style settings and a drop shadow
 CWaterBodyA standing body of water
 CWaterBodyLogicCreates a body of water formed from WaterParticles
 CWaterParticleA Particle which destroys itself after a decay time has elapsed
 CWaterParticleSetA collection of WaterParticles which can perform updates each frame
 CWeldJointA constraint that fixes the relative positions of two Bodys