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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CAchievementRepresentation of a Google Play Games Services achievement
 CAndroidActivityJNI interface for the main Android activity
 CAttributeThe definition of a vertex attribute, such as a position vector, or a texture coordinate
 CAttributeArray< T >A helper class to access and iterate over an interleaved vertex attribute array
 CAttributeSetA list of vertex attributes
 CControllerEventA platform independent event generated by controller device
 CControllerFactoryBase interface for constructing virtual controllers from a deviceId
 CControllerManagerMaintains global list of connected controllers and notifies registered listeners of changes in these statuses
 CDebugManagerClass to manage debug options defined in debug.json data file
 CDebugRendererA class with helper methods for rendering primitives like lines, for debug visualization
 CControllerManager::DeviceConnectionListenerInterface for listening to changes in device connection statuses
 CInputRouterRoutes ControllerEvents according to inherent ControllerFactory specifications
 CInputScheme< Input >Represents a scheme mapping generic input "events" to output "actions"
 CInputScheme< JoystickAxisCode >
 CInputScheme< KeyCode >
 CInputScheme< TriggerAxisCode >
 CAttributeArray< T >::IteratorAn iterator over a vertex attribute array
 CMeshMesh composed of vertices, and attributes for each vertex
 CMeshInstanceMesh bound to a specific Shader
 CParticleWrapper around a LiquidFun particle
 CParticleShaderParamsStructure holding the state for shaders used in ParticleRenderItem
 CQObject [external]
 CUtil::QQmlListPropertyOnQList< TObject, TData, TListType, TObjectField, TChangeFunc >Helper class which creates QQmlListProperty objects directly on QList members fields
 CQQmlParserStatus [external]
 CRenderableInterfaceCallback set in a RenderNode which can be used to issues draw calls
 CRendererClass managing GL state switches and draw calls
 CRenderListList of RenderNodes, sorted by z-depth for rendering
 CRenderNodeNode which queues a callback (RenderableInterface) or MeshInstance for rendering
 CGraphic::RenderParametersStruct containing the accumulated result of getFlattenedRenderParameters()
 CSelfDetachingJNIEnvSmart wrapper around JNIEnv which retains information of how the environment was loaded
 CShaderShader program abstract base class
 Ccom.google.fpl.utils.GooglePlayServicesHelper.SignInFailureReasonRepresents the reason for a sign-in failure
 Ccom.google.fpl.utils.GooglePlayServicesHelper.SignInListenerListener for sign-in success or failure events
 CSoundEffectInstanceAn instance of a sound effect
 CEmitterLogic::SpawnParametersParameters to use for creating and initializing spawned entities
 CTerrainMaterialDefDefinition of a terrain material
 CTerrainMaterialsClass managing a collection of TerrainMaterialDefs
 CTerrainShaderKeySelector key which picks the specific terrain shader variant to use
 CTextureTexture abstract base class
 CTextureManagerClass which loads and caches Textures
 CVariantConverter< QMap< QString, T > >Helper template class to convert QVariantMaps to and from QMaps with a convertable value type T
 CVariantConverter< QSet< T > >Helper template class to convert QVariantLists to and from QSets with a convertable value type T
 CVariantConverterBase< T >Base template class for VariantConverter
 CVariantConverterBase< int >
 CVariantConverterBase< QJsonObject >
 CVariantConverterBase< QPointF >
 CVariantConverterBase< QString >
 CVirtualControllerSoftware represention and state capable of describing almost all physical controllers
 CWaterParticleSetA collection of WaterParticles which can perform updates each frame